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  1. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume: Dimovka Steam/Ip: Motiv:No.ss Dovada:No.ss
  2. cerere admin pepsy

    Nu ai citit regulamentu! Nu ai pus link-ul cu orele jucate ! Contra!
  3. Cerere admin Ebolla

    Ai 12 ore,pentru slot ai PRO
  4. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume: Asd Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss (Nu suporta pc-ul sa fac screenshot ca sa pun la dovada link cu poza ..)
  5. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume: Kaguya Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss (Nu suporta pc-ul sa fac screenshot ca sa pun la dovada link cu poza ..)
  6. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume: SeFu Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss
  7. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume:marian Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss
  8. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume: GloryHole Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:Demo
  9. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume: EMK|K0$oWaRu Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss
  10. Cerere admin

    PRO !
  11. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume:JiGuBiGuLe Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss
  12. Ban-list Ionut*^Uzumaki*

    Nume:F.B.I Smok3d Steam/Ip: Motiv:Wall Dovada:No.ss
  13. Cerere Helper Ionut*^Uzumaki

    → Nick: Ionut*^Uzumaki* → Varsta : 16 → Ore gametracker (click) : 27-https://www.gametracker.com/player/Ionut*^Uzumaki*/ → Yahoo Messenger: gradinaruionut@45yahoo.com→ Skype : Ionut*^Uzumaki* → Steam :nu am→ Poti ajuta server-ul cu o donatie ? : Nu → Cuvant cheie(il gasesti in regulament): DREAM → Experienta admin: Am experienta !