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  1. OWNER PRINCIPAL: Claudyu OWNER SECUNDAR (optional): nu am IP SERVER (fara port): NUME DORIT:Furien.CsMania.Ro MODUL JOCULUI: (clasic, respawn, deathrun, zombie, etc...) : Clasic (Furien) NR. SLOTURI: 32 FIRMA DE HOSTING UNDE ESTE TINUT SERVERUL: hzone LINK GAMETRACKER:https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ AI DAT CLAIM LA SERVER?: AI INSCRIS SERVERUL IN CLANUL CSMANIA PE GAMETRACKER?: MODERATORI SUB-FORUM (optional):nu am STRUCTURA FORUM:Regulament server ,Anunturi ,Cereri admin, Cereri up ,Reclamatii admini, Cereri unban,Banlist, Cereri schimbare nick, Arhiva
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