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    Comunitatea CSMania va ofera canale gratuite pe serverul oficial de TeamSpeak: TS.CSMania.Ro
    Pentru cereri canale si alte informatii va rugam vizitati sectiunea serverului pe forum

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    CSMania recomanda HZONE.RO Hosting de calitate la preturi accesibile.
    Prin acest parteneriat fiecare client care comandă un server de joc prin intermediul nostru beneficiază de 20% reducere. Foloseşte codul promoțional: CSMANIA

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    CSMania recomanda TDGART.RO Web design si fotografie la preturi avantajoase
    Prin acest parteneriat cu TDGART.RO noi am reușit sa îmbunătățim aspectul acestui forum cei de la TDGART nu se ocupa doar de Web Design / Graphic Web au si experienta in editarea si creeare fotografiilor , perfecti pentru evenimentele importante din viata ta!

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  1. Can anyone help me with this?

    OHHHhhhhhh Fish I finally got the solution I just disconnected my network and joined my neighbours net and BBbBBBBBbbbbOOoooOOOMMMmm it worked Fun Note: We both have the same network provider and packages :))))
  2. Can anyone help me with this?

    installed 2 different cs but same error everywhere
  3. Can anyone help me with this?

    Still the same error
  4. Can anyone help me with this?

    I already tried it,but there's no loss in trying it again Edit- Naah ,still the same btw thanks.
  5. Tried a lot on my own to fix this but i cant https://imgur.com/a/zswgzrq https://imgur.com/a/ZNqy5yy
  6. cerere admin

    I didnt said anything regarding ur english The only thing i suggested u to complete the hrs requirement Dont worry i am not the decision maker Just wait for the Moderators Decision. :))))
  7. [Banlist] HITMaN's[786]!? tOxiC?

    Nick:-Razor Ip:- Reason:- Speed Hack Proof:- https://www.sendspace.com/file/p1fsmz
  8. cerere admin

    Contra Helper degree requires 15-20hours, u have 3 hrs I would suggest u to complete the reqs and than comeback with another request
  9. Cerere unban

    ok just wanted to make sure that i didnt banned u,lets wait for the reply of the admin who banned u or else reply of the head guys
  10. Cerere unban

    whats ur nick?
  11. [MUSIC] HITMaN's[786]!? tOxiC?