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  1. Cerere Helper Kron

    PRO BUDDy Start doing activity on the forum, vote for ts3 and zombie !! Also you dont have a profile picture ,if you want, you can use mine or this one
  2. Voteaza serverul de Teamspeak3

  3. Voteaza serverul de Teamspeak3

  4. Cerere unban Sinon

    i unbanned you,check sv
  5. Cerere Unban AnOn][M

    anaonim i unbanned you 4 times[2 times on ip, 2 times on nick], i dont know why its not working
  6. Reclamatie Zombie!!!

    i was talking about andrew x, he has not banned anyone because he was not online on the server when the group of players got banned, but the other admin named- ANDRW was online at that time. anonim you should have wrote proper admin name
  7. Reclamatie Zombie!!!

    aaah,i am still under periodic ban
  8. Reclamatie Zombie!!!

    you have a periodic ban, andrew is clear, andrew has not banned anyone, for your kind information i am also under periodic ban and i cant enter the server, just wait for a while and you will enter the server not only all the guys who received that fairytale ban just wait a while, i have been under this periodic ban 2 times but at both times i got the entry to the server after a while, be calm, stay happy wait for couple of minutes, or else try reseting your wifi box :)))))))), btw its the 3rd time i am under it.
  9. Voteaza serverul de Teamspeak3

  10. [MUSIC] HITMaN's[786]!? tOxiC?

    this 3 guys they cant dance but they tried there best,also how is the dogs steps Link:
  11. [MUSIC] HITMaN's[786]!? tOxiC?

    just ignore that start Link:
  12. [MUSIC] HITMaN's[786]!? tOxiC?

    1. Link:
  13. [MUSIC] HITMaN's[786]!? tOxiC?

    1. Link: